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Flying Insect Killer Electric Bug Zapper Zero In Ultra Power High Voltage

Flying Insect Killer Electric Bug Zapper Zero In Ultra Power High Voltage

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Electric, professional strength plug-in bug zapper uses powerful 4000 V kill grid to attract and kill flies, wasps and nuisance flying insects

Hang mains-powered high voltage insect killer with the hanging chain provided or use free-standing, zap bugs with 2 x 10 W UV-A bulbs, eliminating flying insects hygenically without the use of pesticides

Electronic insect killer can be used indoors in the home, in commercial premises such as kitchens or on farms and in stables

Electric fly zapper has a removable collection tray for easy cleaning, dimensions 255 x 440 x 90 mm

Insects can access kill grid from three sides, poison and chemical-free control of wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other unwanted insects

Zero In Ultra Power High Voltage Flying Insect Killer

Guaranteed effective control of insect pests

Eliminate flying insects hygienically and without the need for pesticides with the Ultra Power High Voltage Flying Insect Killer from Zero In.

Two 10W ultra-violet lamps lure light-sensitive flying insects such as flies, wasps and mosquitoes onto a high voltage electrical kill grid to keep kitchens, food preparation areas and farm buildings free from flying insect pests.

Attracts flying insects within a 10 metre radius, creating a protected zone of over 300 square metres.

High voltage grid eliminates flying insects on contact.

Ideal for kitchens, food preparation and farm buildings.

Removable collection tray - no mess and easy cleaning.

24/7 protection.

Hang or stand (includes chain).

Multi-directional access for high capture rates.

Dimensions: 25cm x 44cm x 9cm.

Part of the ULTRA POWER range: Guaranteed effective.


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