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Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump with USB Power Milk Breastfeeding

Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump with USB Power Milk Breastfeeding

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The Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump is ideal for todays busy mum, who is always on the move with little time to spare. Thoughtfully designed, the pump is lightweight, compact, discreet and compatible with a micro USB adapter or mains AC adapter, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

Simple to use, with a convenient LED indicator which shows the strength of suction and clear controls on the top of the unit to increase and decrease suction levels. Let-Down and Expression Phases - When babies breastfeed, they start with quick sucking to stimulate your milk let-down and flow. Once your milk has let down, the baby draws the milk out with slower, deeper sucks. To simulate this natural rhythm, the Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump offers 2 phases the Let-Down Phase and the Expression Phase.

Let-Down Phase is a faster pumping style which mimics the short, rapid sucking your baby uses to initiate milk flow.

Expression Phase mimics the slower, deeper sucking of feeding with 5 adjustable suction levels that can be tailored for your comfort.

When turning on the breast pump, it will start in Let-Down Phase, level 3 and will automatically switch to Expression Phase after 2 minutes meaning you dont even have to press a button (if you dont want to). You can switch to Expression Phase at any point, if your milk starts flowing before the 2-minute transition. Featuring automatic power off, if the pump is left unattended for more than 60 minutes.

The Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump comes with standard size (25mm) ComfortFit Silicone Breast Cushion, which are soft and supple around the edges to mold around the breast. The Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump can be attached to Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage allowing you to save time and prevent messy milk transfers or spills by pumping direct. These can also be great when you are out and about with little room for storage bottles.


5 Adjustable suction and rhythm levels, mimics the way baby naturally feeds, maximizes milk production and enables mum to tailor the suction strength to her comfort level

Includes Comfortfit breast cushion to ensure comfortable pumping

Small, lightweight design with micro USB power adapter; ideal for use home or away

Simple to use with fewer parts to clean, saving time for busy mums

Includes NaturalWave Teat (with cap) helps maintain established breastfeeding patterns

BPA and BPS Free

ComfortFit soft silicone breast cushion for a secure seal and comfortable fit resulting in more efficient pumping

Pump, Store, Feed one bottle to pump, store and feed for convenience and ease (sealing disc for storage & NaturalWave Teat included

LED indicator so you know exactly what setting youre on, day or night

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