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Deal For Any Occasion

Plastic Scraper - DealForAnyOccasion

Plastic Scraper - DealForAnyOccasion

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Light weight Plastic Scraper with long handle , This spreader/spatula used in DIY projects, car body filling and kitchen. Scraper is use to apply and spread various types of fillers, such as wood filler, putty, or joint compound. The flat and flexible blade of the spatula allows for even and smooth application, while the plastic material is less likely to damage the surface being filled.

Car Body Filling Use

In car body filling, the spatula is used to apply and spread body filler or putty onto a damaged area of a car's body. The flexibility of the blade allows it to contour to the curves and angles of the car's surface, while the plastic material prevents scratching or damaging the paint job.

Kitchen Use

Spatula is also a versatile kitchen tool used for scraping and spreading ingredients in cooking and baking. It is typically made of a plastic material that is heat-resistant and non-stick, allowing it to be used with hot foods and on non-stick surfaces without scratching or damaging them.

The handle of the plastic scraper spatula is designed to be comfortable and easy to grip, often made of a soft, non-slip material that ensures a secure hold during use.

Plastic Putty Knife

Manufactured from durable plastic

Easy to clean for re-use

Lightweight construction

Sizes 38, 75 & 150mm.

Ideal for professional use, DIY and car body filling and kitchen


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