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Tommee Tippee Baby Teethe & Play Teether Keys Chew Toy Fun

Tommee Tippee Baby Teethe & Play Teether Keys Chew Toy Fun

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Teething’s no fun for anyone, but with this playful teether you can help relieve some of your little one’s pain. Designed to be chilled in the fridge for extra soothing coolness, your baby can chew down on the different textured areas of this waterfilled teether to relieve the pain of cutting teeth. Its bright and colourful design makes it appealing for your baby to hold, chew and explore as they soothe their sore gums.

Suitable for all stages of teething – Before their teeth start growing, babies’ gums will start to feel uncomfortable. By putting this teether in the fridge, the cool feeling will help relieve the pain. As lower molars start to make an appearance when your baby is around 6 months old, the surfaces massage and soothe discomfort. As upper incisors and canines appear, this lightweight teether provides a soothing chewing experience. The harder surface helps larger molars come through and encourages your baby to develop their chewing ability – essential for moving onto weaning.

Cools and soothes – Place the teether in the fridge and add extra cooling to soothe sore gums and developing teeth. Cool surfaces naturally numb inflamed gums and offer welcome relief from painful teething.

Ideal for little hands – The bright and colourful design will appeal to your little one’s developing senses. It also makes it easy to find when you need it. The ring shape is easy for your little one to grasp and hold so that they can soothe themselves as they gum and chew its textured surfaces.



Waterfilled teether helps soothe inflamed gums for longer

Chill in the fridge to provide cooling relief

Bright designs stimulate baby’s senses

Easy hold ring designed for little hands

Multi-textured areas suitable for all stages of teething

Suitable for all stages of teething

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